Council of washing:

Here are some advice to wash your peruke:

Wash your peruke about every 10 uses according to environment (smells, smoked) and among the hours range per day.

Before every washing, disentangle with a large comb.

Dip the peruke into a bassine filled with cold water and some shampoo HT26.

After 2 - 3 minutes rinse it carefully under cold water up to complete elimination of the shampoo.

Finally apply a good quantity of HT26 Protective styling Cream and assemble with slowly hair with the fingertips.

To dry your peruke drain it and having rolled it carefully in a towel mop (do not twist, spin). Let it of course outside on one dry carry peruke.

Attention: Never brush or comb the still humid peruke, ever use fag hair. once dry, shake your peruke lightly before carrying it. Use your fingers to manufacture it to find a natural aspect.


- Avoid the sources of strong warmth (dry hair, opening of the oven, sauna).

- Avoid a too long exhibition in the sun which uncovered can corrupt colour (as for your own hair).

- To comb your peruke don't use heating iron, iron to slick, or various techniques as the permanent, the défrisage or the colouring etc

- Any modification of your peruke must be made by a specialized professional.

- Never brush your wet peruke.

- Don't store your peruke for long period in one limps or a closed bag, pose most rather on one carry peruke.

- Don't brush or comb the curly hair, the format is recommended with fingers.

The hair of synthesis is composed of grains synthetic material but keeps the appearance of natural hair in look and in affected.