Anti Taches box

The essential Anti stains in a box!


For a lightening and unifying action.


The products of the HT26 range are endowed with an exclusive concentration of plant active ingredients that allow your skin to be clear without any danger.


Does not contain hydroquinone or corticosteroids.


A free toiletries kit!

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The ANTI TACHE box includes:


Facial Brush: A pure and clean face!


Product benefits:

The HT26 facial brush is used for the care and cleansing of the face.

The HT26 facial brush is also used to cleanse and remove masks.




  1. A deeply cleansed face.
  2. A soft skin.
  3. Hair sufficiently flexible.


Purifying Soap 150g: Enriched with Cold Cream and Vitamin E


Product benefits:


Purifying soap HT26 cleans the skin perfectly by eliminating dead cells.

It ensures soft and smooth skin and a clear complexion.




  1. Your skin is supple and smooth.
  2. Your complexion is evenly lightened.


 Vitamin tonic floral lotion 250ml: Ensures a perfect cleaning, limits excessive shine!

Product benefits:

The Vitamin HT26 Tonic Floral Lotion makes your skin less oily and cleans it perfectly.

The HT26 Vitamin Tonic Floral Lotion removes impurities from the epidermis, and a plant active ingredient that regulates sebaceous secretions and tightens pores.




  1. A clean and clean skin, ready to enjoy the benefits of treatment.
  2. It brightens the complexion and tightens the pores that are responsible for the shine of the face.
  3. Visibly cleansed skin and durably controlled shine.


 Multi-lightening cream 50ml: Restores a luminous complexion without spots to black and mixed skin!


Product benefits:


HT26 multi-lightening cream illuminates your complexion by treating your spots.

The HT26 multi-lightening cream is composed of a complex of essentially plant active ingredients which acts in synergy to limit the phenomenon of hyperpigmentation and gradually reduces the appearance of dark spots.




Skin cleared and standardized Unified complexion while erasing, spots and skin imperfections.

Attenuates the problems of hyperpigmentation and tasks.


Multi-Lightening Milk 500ml: Cleans stains while revealing the harmony of the complexion!


Product benefits:

The HT26 multi-lightening milk, designed to help black, mixed or even skins having an irregular pigmentation, unifies the complexion and satin the skin.

The HT26 multi-lightening milk is formulated with natural whitening active ingredients, prevents the appearance of brown spots and clears the complexion.



  1. Heals, purifies and nourishes your skin, gives it flexibility, ease and elasticity.
  2. Gradually clears hyperpigmentation and discolouration of the skin.
  3. A soft skin, clear and velvety to perfection.