Produced profits :


Enjoy a privileged moment with this blend of 3 noble and precious oils subtly scented with the Eastern Rose.
This genuine skin care softens intensely and protects your skin.
Used in massage, it softens, nourishes and repairs. This oil will leave your skin coated with a delicate floral fragrance.


It is suitable for hair in oil bath, body in massage and face in daily care.


Effects :

  • It repare
  • It softens
  • Protects your skin from dehydration



Actives :

  • Jojoba oil : for its protective action
  • Carrot oil : for immediate good effect
  • Sunflower oil : for optimal penetration



Directions for use :

It is very simple ! Simply pour a few drops of massage oil into the palm of your hand, rub both palms against each other before massaging, for a better distribution of the oil. Massage nourishes and softens the skin but also helps to fight stress, unlocks the tensions of the body and the mind, accelerates the sporty recovery, etc. Nothing better to relax and forget for a moment daily problems !