Action Taches Box

The essentials of the range Action Stains in a box!


For a lightening and unifying action.


The products of the HT26 range are endowed with an exclusive concentration of plant active ingredients that allow your skin to be clear without any danger.


Does not contain hydroquinone or corticosteroids.


A free toiletries kit!

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The ANTI TACHE box includes:



  • Purifying bread 150g: Reveals the purity of the complexion!


Product benefits:

The purifying bread HT26 has been specially designed to clear impurities and give your skin a clean and clear complexion.

The purifying bread HT26 has been formulated to effectively clean sensitive skin while respecting their balance.




  1. After cleaning, the skin regains a clean shine and a harmonious purity
  2. The excess of sebum on the skin disappears and the complexion is clearer
  3. You will find purified and more supple skin


  • Facial Brush: A pure and clean face!


Product benefits:

The HT26 facial brush is used for the care and cleansing of the face.

The HT26 facial brush is also used to cleanse and remove masks.




  1. A deeply cleansed face.
  2. A soft skin.
  3. Hair sufficiently flexible.


  •  Lotion action spots 100ml: Eliminate the unsightly tasks of black and mixed skin!


Product benefits:

Intensive spots action lotion HT26 applies to pimples and spots to make them disappear.

Intensive Spot Action Lotion HT26 contains selected plant active ingredients that help the skin regain a new balance with a clear and harmonious complexion.

Specifically elaborated to answer the problems of black and mixed skins.




  1. Unified and lighter complexion as and when used.
  2. This lotion refines the black skin and mixed, the buttons dry up and the complexion lights up.
  3. It also rids the face of the last impurities and revitalizes it.


  •  Intensive stain action cream 50ml: Blurs the darker areas and unifies the complexion


Product benefits:

The HT26 Task Cream has been specially designed to help black, cross-breed or sticky skin with brown spots on the face.

Concentrated intensive action spot cream HT26 is composed of plant active ingredients intended to unify and repair the most damaged skin.

Its rich and creamy texture makes it the perfect anti-stain night cream.




  1. From the first week of use your skin is brighter, more silky. You feel a real improvement in its texture.
  2. After a few weeks, the darker or more brown spots will be unified. Your complexion balances.
  3. The dark and light areas will equalize for a more even complexion and with less imperfections.


  • Body lotion Action Spots with Carrot Oil 500ml: Nourishing, lightening and anti-stain action


Product benefits:

Body lotion Action stains with carrot oil HT26 is an intensive concentrated care adapted to the problems of hyperpigmentation of black and mixed skin.

The plant active ingredients in its composition are rigorously selected for their high efficiency and safety.




  1. Its formula enriched with carrot oil will allow you from the first applications to find a soft and satiny skin
  2. Its daily application will allow you to obtain a clear and unified complexion on the whole body
  3. It will leave your skin silky leaving a feeling of well-being.


  • Carrot oil 125ml: Revitalizing and healing action


Product benefits:

HT26 carrot oil for African women who are used to getting ready to keep their beautiful complexion.

It helps to brighten and brighten up.

The HT26 carrot oil, which is very rich in vitamin A, promotes tanning and is also recommended in the after-sun for a skin and maintain a nice uniform color.




  1. Attenuates intolerance to the sun increases the resistance of the skin.
  2. Gives shine to black skin and mixed, thanks to its nature rich in beta carotene.
  3. It eliminates cellulite and orange peel.


A toilet bag


A harmonious and aesthetic box that contains a complete facial, body, ideal to offer!