Special hands pack



- Special Phalanx Lightening Hand Cream 75 ml

- Intensive Concentrated Lotion 100 ml

- Softening Gloves Topsygel 2 gloves

Perfectly suited to damaged hands.

Beautifies, protects and repairs!

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Product benefits:

HT26 Lightening Hand Cream, silky and non-greasy, HT26 Lightening Hand Cream nourishes dry and damaged hands.
Day after day, hands become soft again.

The HT26 Intensive Concentrated Lotion is applied to pimples and spots to make them disappear. The lotion action spots intensive HT26 contains selected vegetable credits which help the skin to find a new balance with a clear and harmonious dye.

Specifically elaborated to answer the problems of the black and mixed skins.

The Topsygel Softening Gloves is the accessory you need to have a beautiful skin when cleaning.

A revolution for the care of your hands!


Restores suppleness and ideal comfort to hands.
Unified and clearer complexion with each use.
The care products penetrate better into the skin.

Active ingredients:

HT26 Brightening Hand Cream contains:

Glycerin: moisturizes and improves the appearance of the skin, giving it great softness.

The HT26 Intensive Concentrated Lotion contains:

Essential oil of rosemary and lavender: have cleansing and purifying virtues.
Plant complex unifying: acts directly on the pigmentary spot by attenuating its visibility and unifies the hyper pigmented zones.

The Gloves softeners Topsygel contains:

Vitamin E: prevents premature aging of the skin.
Oil of sweet almond: nourishes and hydrates deeply the most dried skins.
Rosemary essential oil: healing and repairing action to soothe damaged and broken hands.

Advice of use:

Apply HT26 Lightening Hand Cream as often as necessary, insisting on the phalanges.

HT26 Intensive  Action Lotion is the ideal treatment for correcting unsightly spots left by pimples and scars.

Apply HT26 Intensive Action Lotion with a cotton pad, focusing on spots and blemishes without rubbing.

Wear Topsygel Softening Gloves for 30 minutes two to three times a week. To increase the effectiveness of your lightening or moisturizing hand cream, apply your cream generously, then put on the Topsygel Softening Gloves for 30 minutes. Do not rinse.

Complementary care:

HT26 - Purifying Soap