HT26 - 5 Marseille soap

Clean your skin without agressing it 


For your daily wash

All skin types

5 soaps of 150 gr

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Product benefits: 

The Marseille soap HT26 is designed to gently clean the skin of the whole family, even the most sensitive ones. 



  1. Its formula cleans effectively the skin of the whole family in a single gesture.
  2. Cleaned and ultra-soft skin. 


5 fragrances available:

  •  Lavande (Lavender)
  •  Fougère (Fern)
  •  Muguet (Lily of the valley)
  •  Fraise (Strawberry)
  •  Santal (Sandalwood)

Usage tips:

Use the Marseille soap during your daily bath. Apply on damp skin, make it foam and rinse thoroughly. 


Complementary care:

HT26 - Massage mitt: for a deep clean
HT26 - Spa package: for the whole family
HT26 - Sweet almond oil: to avoid skin dryness

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