Your skin tone and lack of luster?

Dead cells and prevent clogged pores in your skin tone be?

Topsygel has created two products that will help you regain your radiance and beauty.



Exfoliating cream to use 2 times a week, leave for two to three minutes and then make small circles on the face, rinse.


Mask Lightening, use 2 times a week for 20 minutes in a thick layer and rinse the excess with water.


Complementary products:

The Lightening Cream Topsygel applying to morning and evening to entire face, focusing on the spots and dark areas TOPSYGEL The Brightening Mask is the ideal purity of care combination or oily skin. It cleans the skin deeply and clarify the complexion visibly through the combined action of its assets.


The triple action of Kaolin: 1 - Absorption of sebum 2 - Pore tightened 3 - refined skin texture. Your skin is clearer and healthier. - Place the mask over entire face and wait 5 to 10 minutes a thin film forms and rinse with clear water. Capacity: 125 ml BUFFING CREAM TOPSYGEL precision is a scrub clean skin and hydrated. Enriched with a pumice scrub which is particularly effective, it will eliminate your skin roughness and excess dead cells, and find your face skin smooth and soft. - Apply a thin layer over face and neck. Avoiding the lips and eyes. - Massage in circular motions and insist on rough areas. - Leave on 5-7 minutes then rinse with warm water.

Capacity: 125 ml

Price before discount: 35.20 €