White Essence Box

The essence of the range essence white in a box!


For a lightening and unifying action. The products of the WHITE ESSENCE range have an exclusive concentration of plant active ingredients that allow your skin to be clear without any danger.


Does not contain hydroquinone or corticosteroids.


A free toiletries kit!

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The WHITE ESSENCE box includes:


1 Purifying Whitening Perfection Soap: Cleansing and Brightening! 


Product benefits:


White Essence Whitening Purifying Soap gives you a clear, spotless complexion.

Its vegetable washing base combined with the virtues of Vitamin C, and Aloe Vera offers moisturizing protection and deep cleansing It will defend you effectively against the external aggressions that your skin is subjected to every day.

It ensures soft and smooth skin and a clear complexion.

The assets of the Perfection range help you fight against brown spots thanks to its enhanced concentration of lightening active ingredients.




  1. Cleans and brightens gently
  2. The skin is instantly nourished and hydrated.
  3. Do not dry the skin

1 Lightening lotion: For dull and pigmented skin 


Product benefits:


WHITE ESSENCE Lightening Lotion is intensive local care for targeted action against age spots.

Thanks to its formula enriched complex lightening plant, this care, regulator of the process of skin pigmentation, acts with precision to help correct the imperfections pigmentary and unify the complexion.

It also helps prevent the appearance of new spots.




  1. Attenuates pigmentary imperfections.
  2. Unify the complexion.
  3. Makes the skin brighter


1 Whitening Cream 50ml: Cream lightening at maximum concentration


Product benefits:


White Essence Whitening Cream is enriched with a 100% Vegetal Extrawhite Complex that will give you a clearer complexion while maintaining its integrity.

Its light and light texture enriched with Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil is combined with the soothing and soothing active ingredients of Aloe Vera for a guaranteed cocooning effect.

A true concentrate of active ingredients, White Essence Whitening Cream combines the best of nature to perpetuate the beauty of your skin.


1 Whitening Serum 120ml: Clears the tasks!


Product benefits:


This corrective serum is intensive local care for targeted action against pigment spots.

It works with precision to help correct pigment blemishes and even skin tone, but also to help prevent the appearance of new tasks.

Pigmentary imperfections are visibly reduced, the complexion is unified, lightened, ideally luminous.




  1. Quickly eliminates dark tasks.
  2. Lighten and make the skin more beautiful.
  3. Does not contain hydroquinone or corticosteroids.

1 Expert Milk 500ml:


Creamy milk-cream for a clean and clean complexion

Product benefits:


White Essence Whitening Expertise Milk is a creamy milk with a rich texture.

It softens, nourishes intensely and repairs the discomfort of dry skin.

Its exclusive and unique concentration in plant lightening active ingredients allows your skin to be clearer without any danger.

Its daily application will ensure a clear complexion and brighter than ever!




  1. Reinforced cutaneous barrier: the skin is repaired.
  2. A clear and bright complexion.
  3. Protects the skin against external aggressions.


A harmonious and aesthetic box that contains a complete facial + body care, ideal to offer!