Measures and options of your Lace Wig

Here are the stages that will allow you to choose your lace wig:

STEP 1: The cap

We offer two types of caps but we do recommend one because we realized that it is easier to use. it tolerates "errors" of measurement and glue more easily. it is a cap with a small elastic. We have found that it is as discreet as the other and did not mind that is why we recommend it highly. If you want to measure without a cap elastic we can provide it.

STEP 2: Choose the color of the cap

You must choose from different colors of tulle, the one that best matches the color of your skin. You can choose from seven different colors and textures. Most of our customers with black skin are choosing the medium brown French lace that fit most of the dark scalps.

STEP 3: Take your measurements

Indeed, it is a true custom work, so you have to be taken as yours with great precision. Here are six steps to be taken :

Measure 1: the circumference: The circumference is your headband. Take the measurement at the hairline in the neck and not from the neck. The standard value is about 55 cm.

Measure 2: Length of the base front-top of neck. Measure of the departure of hair at the front through the center of the skull and ending with the top of the neck. The standard value is about 33 cm.

Measure 3: Length-ear ear through the top of the forehead. One ear to the other through the front. The standard value is about 30 cm.

Measure 4: Length-ear ear through the top of the skull. The standard value is about 29 cm.

Measure 5: Time-time in length through the middle of the skull. The standard value is about 36 cm.

Measure 6: Width of the neck. The standard length for this dimension is 15 cm.

STEP 4: Choose the texture of your hair from YAKI, STRAIGHT, BODY WAVE JERRY CURL

To make your lace wig more natural, we add automatically the "down" (baby hair) at the contour

STEP 5: Choose the length of your wig

ETAPE 6: Choose the color of your lace wig from over 20 colors

ETAPE 7: Choose the second color of your wig, if you want the locks or a wig with two tone

ETAPE 8: Order!

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