Measures and options of your Lace Wig

How to place your lace wig?

In this section we will show you how to remove the excess of sailing, your lace wig and how to place it.

Videos online that we are not done by us but we have selected for their relevance. We will soon be our own online video tutorials in french. Meanwhile, you find the key tips in French with our comments below the video.

Feel free to review them several times if you need it.

Here are tips to cut the tulle in excess of your wig undetectable:

1. Necessary accessories: scissors, hair clip, comb and clips.
2. The scissors must be sharp and used only for activities capillaries, or you may hang your veil.
3. Identify with a clip in the middle of your wig, so you always know where you are about.
4. Keeping the hair back with a clip so as not to cut them.
5. Cut the front of the wig to the back of the wig.
6. The hairdresser advised to cut as short as possible in order to have effect as natural as possible (we believe the above is slightly different: you can leave about 0.3 cm to the front and continue to have a natural effect. Leave some tulle at the front, you will keep your wig longer)
7. You can leave a little more of tulle in the back while maintaining a natural, except if you wear a ponytail
8. Cut in small pieces and do not forget that if you can still cut tulle, you can never add more.
9. Cut into "large" excess tulle and refine.
10. Keep your excess tulle for testing glue for example.
11. The hairdresser advised to cut down on the front to natural I think completely the opposite: the down gives a more natural and blends with your hair you have unfortunately stuck with your wig. In my humble opinion do not cut it!

Now here's how to put it:

Advice prior to the laying of the wig:

1. First, the adhesive used in the video does not work very well. As you can read in the "glue", it is not easy to get hold of the right glue. We used over 12 before selecting the one with which we work. But a glue that works well with a girlfriend you will not necessarily go. So we can help you choose the glue that suits you best.
2. What hairstyle adopted to be a lace wig? You must obviously have the flattest surface possible: braids, a net or if you have short hair up to the plate.
3. If you have short hair it makes sense to match the line of your hair with those of the natural wig will be more visible.
4. Adhesives called "skin" (adapted for the skin) are better on a clean, dry skin. It is therefore necessary to clean your face using a cotton swab or cotton with a slice of such alcohol at 90 degrees (there are products like SCALP PROTECTOR, we tried it no more effective than alcohol at 90° easier to find)
5. All adhesives are tested to avoid allergies and they can be removed very well fingers or hair using the solvent.
6. The glue does not stick to hair, it is therefore necessary to reach a maximum area with no hair left to shave the areas where the down appears.
7. Use a cotton swab because it's cheap first is that the disposable dry cotton face will allow you to clean the excess glue in the blink of an eye.

The steps for installing lacewig:

STEP 1: Put the wig to where the hair starts, matching the line of the skull with that of the wig (if of course if you have set the line to your taste).

STEP 2: Keep the hair from the front of the wig with the aid of a clamp to prevent hair from falling into the glue.

STEP 3: Lift the edge of the wig

STEP 4: Ask a single line of glue about 3 to 4 cm, it is not necessary to put several layers, there is no interest in doing this, this does not fit better.

STEP 5: Clean the excess glue if any deal with the dry cotton swab.

STEP 6: Place the wig at the glue line and press vigorously for 10-15 seconds until the glue sets. Some people support using the teeth of a comb, push the edge of the wig to ensure that s the wig is glued and this, for 1 to 2 minutes.

STEP 7: passer à la partie suivante et faire le tour. Pour la nuque, vous allez certainement devoir vous faire aider les premières fois.

If you know of other installation techniques, you can share them in our forum. If you still need help do not hesitate to contact us. We will answer all your questions.

How to remove your wig undetectable?

- Put the solvent on a piece of cotton

- Press the edge of the wig and soaked with cotion

- The wig will come off naturally.

- Be sure to remove all excess glue from your wig.

The two videos below show another method for wigs and how to remove it. The last shows you how is made a lace wig and the wig will have no secrets for you!

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