Topsygel Box

The essentials of the TOPSYGEL range gathered in this box!

For sensitive skins, the TOPSYGEL range unifies and illuminates the complexion gently.

Concentrated in Aloe Vera and Glycerin, the TOPSYGEL products give the skin a luminosity in a soft and homogeneous way. Your skin becomes more beautiful thanks to active plant lightening ingredients without danger for your health.

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The TOPSYGEL box includes :

1 Flaking Soap 150g: Reinforce the effect of your anti-stain care!

Product benefits :
The TOPSYGEL lightening soap purifies, cleanses gently and eliminates the excess of sebum of the black skins thanks to its soft washing base. TOPSYGEL Lightening Soap gently cleanses the skin without the risk of irritation and dryness.


Makes the skin healthier and better protected from the drying effects of hard water.
Optimizes the effectiveness of other anti-spot products.
Ideal for a unified skin.

1 cleansing sponge
1 Lightening lotion 120ml : Purifies and unifies the complexion!

Product benefits :
Specially adapted to the Afro beauty, the TOPSYGEL lightening lotion is intended for a soft cleaning of the fragile skins. TOPSYGEL lightening lotion clarifies the complexion of the face evenly and gives it back the desired brightness.


Enriched with purifying agents, this lotion destined for afro beauty promotes the absorption of impurities.
Prevents the formation of imperfections and elements that dull the radiance of the face.
Cleanses the face in depth thanks to the effects of Aloe vera and glycerin.

1 Lightening face cream 50ml: Restores vitality and radiance to dull and tired skin!

Product benefits:
The TOPSYGEL lightening face cream solves the problems of hyperpigmentation of black and mixed skins. The TOPSYGEL lightening face cream restores a supple and elastic texture to dry skin. This cream penetrates well in the skin, clears it and softens it at the same time.

Allows to find a unified and luminous complexion very quickly.
Repairs the damaged and dried skins thanks to the virtues of glycerin which helps to repair the damaged fabrics.
A feeling of immediate relief thanks to the properties of Aloe vera.

1 Lightening Serum 30ml : For a beautiful face !

Product benefits:

The TOPSYGEL lightening serum is specially formulated for black beauty, you can mix it in your milk. TOPSYGEL Lightening Serum enriched with Aloe vera reinforces the lightening action of your milk.


Makes damaged skin more supple thanks to glycerin
Soothes sensitive black and mixed race skin thanks to Aloe Vera.
Clarifies the complexion in a soft and homogeneous way to recover radiance.

1 Lightening Milk 500ml: Unifies and lightens the complexion!

Product benefits:
TOPSYGEL Lightening Body Milk is used in the cosmetics of black skin to effectively solve the problems of hyperpigmentation (dark areas, spots ...) due to external aggressions (mosquito bites, friction with clothing, shocks ...). The TOPSYGEL lightening body milk nourishes the damaged skin thanks to the nutritive values of the glycerin and Aloe Vera. It promotes the disappearance of brown spots and prevents their appearance.


Specially formulated for black skin cosmetics, allows to obtain a unified complexion to damaged and dried out skin.
Gives the skin a luminosity in a soft and homogeneous way.
Restores suppleness and comfort to the skin, reduces spots especially on the darkest parts of the body including legs, knees and elbows.

1 Lightening hand cream 50ml : Special fingers and phalanges

Product benefits:

Thanks to an optimal proportion in glycerin and aloe vera, the LIGHTENING HAND CREAM allows to visibly reduce the tasks of your hands and to preserve the youth capital of your skin which will find a homogeneous pigmentation. Nourished and protected, the hands quickly regain comfort, suppleness and smoothness.


Its enriched formula has been developed to leave a protective film on your skin to preserve your hands from external aggressions.

A harmonious and aesthetic box that contains a complete face + body care, ideal as a gift!