The questions you ask about Lace wigs

Why a lace wig?

The undetectable lace wig or wig that is offered to better technology in terms of complementing or hair replacement. A lace wig, if properly designed, will the hair closest to your own hair. This is the most natural and most beautiful hair supplements available today. It is made of real hair 100% Indian Remi quality. Each hair is placed by hand on a tulle specifically chosen:

1 - To merge with the skin.

2 - Not to keep warm.

3 - For strength

The effect is so natural that it is very difficult to notice even a few inches. You can wear several weeks without removing it. You can wash it, comb it, make a bun, creating a line, her hair in any style and even swim without damaging it!

There is no limit that you are active, athletic or homebody. You can shower, sleep, run or do anything that you would normally do. You can finally have the hair you've always dreamed of!

Do you have lace wigs in stock?

We constantly lace wig in stock, you can see by clicking here. If you have made your choice we will send your wig immediately. If the model is no longer available we will give you a delivery time within 24 hours and we will contact you as soon as it is available. We put our stock updated every 48 hours.

To be on the availability of a lace wig you can send an email to or call directly to 01 40 18 51 00.

What are 100% Indian Remy Hair?

Indian hair, always have been recognized as those of higher quality. Solid, very close to European hair, they are packed without any treatment, except of course cleaning, sorting and sanitizing. They come to you absolutely pure, 100% virgin, intact, with cuticle preserved. We reached the pinnacle of this nature and quality, especially if Remy hair. This is the high end of the hair.

Silky strands of natural human hair are comfortable to wear and do not provide the feeling of fatigue that can sometimes feel with synthetic strands.

But the locks of natural hair are undoubtedly the most popular natural wicks Remy Hair, honestly none. These are the only ones we use in the design of lace wigs. Their main secret is now widely known: from procurement to marketing orientation of the hair is retained to preserve the cuticle and silky. For this, the hair is braided in pigtails just before collection. And we take great care to maintain the orientation of all the hair in the same direction until the installation.

The outer surface of a hair is a bit like fish scales: face the same direction, they slide silky against each other. But if a hair has returned to a natural wick its scales cling to those of its neighbors. The hair hangs then tangled and crashed. If you want to convince you, slide your fingers along a hair tight: the top-down hair is very smooth. The bottom up, it 'hangs'.

Through a process of careful removal, the hair's natural hair Remy Hair are all oriented in the same direction. They wear their hair so easily, do not tangle and lasts very long.

These strands of natural hair Remy have a very natural, much softer, larger than standard bits. With regard to real human hair, their reflections and great looks make them undetectable. They are also strands of hair Remy that are proposed by the best institutes of hair extension, sometimes at exorbitant prices.

That is why only 100% remy Indian hair are allowed in the design of our laces wigs. These wigs are reusable for a long time and are very interesting as an investment amortized quickly as we shall see later.

All the hair they used are of 100% virgin Indian hair remy?

All hair used in our lace wigs are 100% but not 100% remy virgin. Indeed, if the hair STRAIGHT BODY WAVE and India are classic, hair Yaki (African type straightened), or deep wave do not exist. The wicks used in these cases are always 100% remy but are no longer virgins as they undergo treatment to achieve this texture.

It is the same color, the colors 1, 1B and 2 are natural but the others are obtained from dye.

All these changes are still made by professionals in the hair using specific methods to preserve the unique texture of the hair. Their quality is therefore in no way impaired.

I have an ethical problem with human hair, are they not sold by people who have no other means to survive?

The offerings from Indian hair and not the sale of hair. Hindu women do not sell their hair: they make the donation at a religious ceremony, sometimes several times in their lives. The motivation of the donor is clear and pure. The funds raised through these offerings are managed by the temples and fully engaged in numerous social works, such as building schools and hospitals or distribution of free meals in these temples.

Can you duplicate a lace from one of my photos or that of a star?

We can duplicate the hairstyle you want from a photo! We are indeed able to reproduce the color, length, texture. For finishing the hair, you will ask your hairdresser. Just send the photo to and we will send you a quote as soon as possible.

Is it possible to use the wig undetectable on the curling iron, hair dryer, rollers, care products etc.?

Indian hair can be dyed, permed, brushes at will. These are the most hair silky and natural that you can find on the market. If they look so natural because they really are! You will not find these wigs in a shop afro because of the price and their price in the institutes are around 1500 euros.

However, in HT26 promises we do not like excessive hair and Indian human hair to be beautiful, they are not alive so far, the more they will undergo chemical treatment as they age prematurely. That's why you should choose hair color for you directly rather than to subject your wig dye, the effect could be disastrous. You also have the opportunity to choose your wig with locks if you wish in the proportion you want.

Does the hair curls with water when wet?

Yes, of course, these are 100% human hair and reacts with water just like your own hair. You can easily make them look stiff brushing with a soft.

What type of hat that suits me best: French lace ou swiss lace?

We can provide two types of lace wigs for your cap is the French lace or swiss lace the. We prefer the French lace for several reasons: it is better to "novices" of lace wig, it is more solid, very discreet and more resistant to pulling suffered during the installation of the wig adhesives and aggression. It is light, soft and natural. We recommend this type of tulle for the manufacture of hat.

The Swiss lace is subtle but is extremely fragile and can tear easily. If the cap has a hitch, it will become unusable very quickly. It is best suited for experienced users.

In any case, both types of caps are very natural and blend with your scalp when they are asked. A lace wig always come with extra lace. It's up to you to cut in order to customize and layer on your hair implantation.

In addition, the cups can be 100% to your measurements, but at first you should ask for a cap with a rubber band that will always be undetectable but also help prevent measurement errors.

How long will my wig undetectable?

There is no finite life, a lace wig can last for months or years mixes all depends on your usage and maintenance. The type of adhesive used is another factor that enters into consideration in the life of your wig. Plus you will use it the more it will require care and the wig will be worn, discolored or past or it will spoil more iron like a garment. What you should remember is that the hair used is extremely strong and it's not a wig "human hair", which will deteriorate very quickly. We say that a lace wig lasts from 3 months to 3 years.

Can I wear a lace wig if I have hair?

Of course, you will flatten your hair up (by the braids or the plates with gel for example). To complete the effect, you can apply a nylon cap to simulate the scalp .

Can I use a lace wig if I had a severe hair loss?

Absolutely, this method of hair replacement is ideal for very severe hair loss due to medical treatment for example. In addition, the mesh used is fine, the wig is very light and it does not warm.

Is it expensive a lace wig?

This question may seem strange but true: it's a good question!

Put 500 euros in a wig may seem excessive but you have to compare the 500 euros to the budget of your hair in general. The life of a weaving is about one month You need at least two or three packages if you like the volume, each packet costs around 35 euros, depending on the length of it.

The installation costs about 40 euros So each month a person who poses a weaving spends between 110 and 145 €.

The lace wig is considered as an investment that pays for itself in 3 to 5 months.

Our opinion on lacewig:

In HT26, we used to talk frankly to our clients, so after much trial and from surveys of customers, here are the first conclusions we can draw: The lace wig is an exceptional product both in its design made entirely by hand in the quality of materials used (Indian hair, tulle used to cap).

It replaces all the old wonderful styling techniques Its natural effect is indisputable is the technique most undetectable we've tested to date.

The other strong promise of lace wig is to hold up to six weeks without being removed. In this regard, we are more divided, first of all because it is not easy for a novice to succeed a perfect fit of the wig the first time, then because we did not find any glue that can be sustained if long.

The maximum amount of time without removing the lace wig that we observed among our clients is about 3 weeks. Our client's most experienced removed her wig every night and stick again by 7 minutes every morning does not stick on all edges but only on strategic parts that allow a good performance without risk of losing it.

We have other clients who wear them without sticking. In short each to adapt its lace wig as she wants, and according to his desires. The most reasonable is to keep the lace wig about 2 weeks and re-edits bonding when it deems necessary.

For clients requiring hair care products we recommend to remove it each week to apply your care and treat your hair. The forum is to enlighten you and answer your questions and to share your experiences, tips and tricks, so feel free to write!

Chez HT26, nous avons l'habitude de parler franchement à nos clientes, alors après plusieurs essais et avis recueillis auprès de clientes, voici les premières conclusions que nous pouvons tirer :

La lace wig est un produit exceptionnel aussi bien dans sa conception entièrement fait main que dans la qualité des matériaux utilisé (cheveux indiens, tulle utilisé pour le bonnet)

Il remplace merveilleusement toutes les anciennes techniques de coiffure

Son effet naturel est incontestable, c'est la technique la plus indétectable que nous ayons testée à ce jour

L'autre promesse forte de la lace wig c'est de tenir jusqu'à six semaines sans être retirée. A ce sujet, nous sommes plus partagés, tout d'abord car il n'est pas simple pour une novice de réussir une pose parfaite de sa perruque dès la première fois, ensuite parce que nous n'avons pas trouvé de colle pouvant durer si longtemps. Le maximum de temps sans retirer la lace wig que nous avons observé chez nos clientes est d'environ 3 semaines.

Notre cliente la plus expérimentée retire sa perruque tous les soirs et la recolle en 7 minutes tous les matins en ne la collant pas sur tous les contours mais uniquement sur des parties stratégiques qui permettent une bonne tenue sans risque de la perdre. Nous avons d'autres clientes qui les portent sans les coller. Bref à chacune d'adapter sa lace wig comme elle le veut, et au gré de ses envies.

Le plus raisonnable est de garder sa lace wig environ 2 semaines et de refaire des retouches de collage quand cela lui semble nécessaire. Pour les clientes nécessitant des soins capillaires nous conseillons de la retirer chaque semaine afin d'appliquer vos soins et de traiter vos cheveux.

Le forum est la pour vous éclairer et répondre à vos questions et pour faire partager vos expériences, vos trucs et astuces, alors n'hésitez pas à écrire !

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